Lair Hill, Terwilliger & John’s Landing

Nestled at the bottom of the I5 Terwilliger Curves on the west side of the freeway is the Lair Hill neighborhood.  It’s most controversial and iconic feature is the OHSU tram which flies over as it travels from the South Waterfront to Oregon Health Sciences University, AKA: “Pill Hill.”  Once isolated by major roads, a new, assessable, pedestrian bridge over I5 connects the neighborhood to the ever growing services and transportation options in the South Waterfront.

Head south on Macadam Avenue (HWY 43) from downtown and the first community you’ll reach is John’s Landing (home to our real estate office).  Bounded by I5 to the west and the Willamette River to the east, the bulk of the commercial properties are found along Macadam.  Bamboo Grove serves up Hawaiian food and is an office favorite.  There’s the requisite Starbucks, Zupan’s grocery store and a number of services to be found.  The Fulton is one of the original McMinimem’s pubs.  The tables out front are dog-friendly and the back patio is a great place to sample the offering on a warm summer night.   Willamette Park has a public boat ramp, tennis courts and fields.  Willamette Sailing Club is a private facility but offers sailing lessons for youth and adults to the public.  A popular multi-use trail runs along the river the length of John’s Landing.

Terwillger Boulevard is the namesake of I5’s infamous curves, one of the curviest sections the interstate. Terwilliger crosses over I5 a few miles from town and heads to the west towards Lewis & Clark College and then down to Lake Oswego.  To the west you’ll find some great streets that branch off into little neighborhoods.  Some of these homes have spectacular views towards Mt. Hood.