Linnton is a small, proud neighborhood located along Highway 30 near the Willamette River and close to expansive Forest Park. The independent city was annexed by Portland in 1915. The area remains largely industrial, a fact that the neighborhood itself and city government disagree upon. After a battle on future redevelopment with the city of Portland, Linnton attempted to become an independent city once more in 2006. That effort failed, but the neighborhood’s strong rebellious streak remains.A small commercial district exists along St. Helens St and includes some shops and restaurants. Homes are set in the hills with wonderful views of the Willamette River. The streets are narrow and sometimes steep. Linnton’s Skyline Elementary is rated as strong. The middle school and high school are rated as exceptional. It’s a 20-minute drive to downtown and about 15 minutes by car to the shops and services of Northwest Portland. TriMet’s #17 bus line serves Linnton.The Northwest Industrial neighborhood lies between Linnton and the chic urban oasis of Northwest Portland. It is almost entirely industrial and is one of the largest remaining urban industrial areas in the United States. There are no schools or parks in this section of town.