Case Shiller Report Likes Portland

The national median home price has dropped 3.5% in the last year according to the National Association of Realtors. Portland? Portland, Oregon real estate prices have increased 13.1% in the same 12 month period according to the newly… Read More


Budget Determines Where You Live

Using our new map search tool, I searched for homes in the downtown and surrounding areas in $200,000 increments.

Loft and Condo Property Investment Profiles

New today on our main website, Property Investment Profiles for some of the high-rise condo and loft towers in the Pearl District. We’ve got eight of them up so far:

Oil Tanks

Our personal passion/affliction is old Portland homes. We’ve got four of them in our portfolio. We sold one this year and used a 1031 Exchange to purchase two more. Part of our due diligence on both included a… Read More

Mortgage Insurance to be Tax Deductable in 2007

Standard disclosure involving taxes: ask your accountant. Mortgage insurance is common when the buyer is putting less than 20% down on a property purchase. There are ways of avoiding it by taking out a second loan at the… Read More

Portland Real Estate Still Appreciating

Oregon Real Estate is still looking like a sound investment. The days of high teens appreciation may be gone but experts quoted in today’s Oregonian still see 5%-8% appreciation in 2007. That means the $300,000 house you look… Read More