A Kinder, Gentler, Blog

It seems like with increasing frequency I am having to write some variation of this post. Clearly as the housing market has shifted, views of its future have polarized. A lot of statistical data on the market isn’t… Read More

Pearl District: The Casey Broker’s Open

We went down to The Casey last night for their broker’s open. Stepping out of the elevator into the 13th floor unit reveals some terrific views and a balcony that provides a sense of vertigo through its clear… Read More

Migration to Portland: Good For Housing Market

Portland State University’s Population Research Center puts out an annual report on population. Looking at Multnomah County, we added 8,480 people between 2006 and 2007 and 49,549 since 2000. That’s a steady 1% increase per year. Obviously not… Read More

Zillow Grows Up

I’ve been critical of Zillow in the past but as snapshot of Portland this is pretty (if it is accurate is a different question). Click on the image to enlarge. I don’t know what to make of the… Read More

Million Clicks For Make-A-Wish

Thanks to everyone that participated. It took only 10 days to reach 1 million clicks and for Make-A-Wish to receive $5000 donations from us and Kaiser.

Good Real Estate News For Portland?

I’m just running out to show property but before I go, in it’s entirety, is a article on the latest Case/Shiller report. The same three cities kept their heads above zero but we have to keep the latest… Read More

What Did It Sell For?

Buyer A and Buyer B buy House A and House B. We’re assuming the houses are the same in every aspect, and the “value” is $300,000 and that House C is the same too. Each house needs a… Read More

Our Real Estate Market is so ’90s

More bad data for real estate. Property sales are the lowest since 1999. The Bussiness Journal reports, in part: Existing home sales — including condominiums and town homes — dropped in all four regions of the nation, according… Read More

A Different View

My son, Ryan, is the sharing type. He gave me the virus that he had at the beginning of the week. He fared better than I did- I spent four hours yesterday having fluids pumped back into me… Read More

Short Sales in Oregon

Our sales meeting topic yesterday was short sales. The meeting started something like this, “What is a short sale?” “It means that someone is taking it in the shorts.” Actually a very accurate response but there is more… Read More