Portland Real Estate Vis-a-Vis Price Ranges

Has the change in market conditions changed what is selling in the Portland housing market?  I thought we’d take a look this morning at four price ranges from this year and last year.  I used January of this… Read More

Portland a Top 5 Market?

Two articles in the last coupe of days worth noting about the national and local real estate markets.  The first, Realty Times is very BUY NOW.  I’ve said it before so will say it again, “buy now” campaigns… Read More

After a Night on the Sofa

I spent the night on the sofa.  I didn’t do anything.  I’m not in trouble.  Regular readers know that we’ve moved out of our nearly 5000 SQFT historic home for a 1054 SQFT apartment.  It’s a six month… Read More

Case Shiller December 2008 Portland Real Estate Results

Case Shiller was released this morning for December 2008. Portland continued its decline to 158.5, down 13.1% from this time December 2007.  That’s down 15% from the peak in July of 2007.  The 158 figure drops Portland to September… Read More

Realtor Busted by Electronic Calling Card

According to Hillsboro police, a Realtor was arrested last week after using his ActiveKey to gain access to homes listed for sale.  One seller came home to find the Realtor in his living room having a cocktail! The… Read More

Beware of Craigslist Scams Advertizing Property for Rent

I just received and email suggesting that the Craigslist posting advertising our property for rent is a scam.  They are right.  There is an individual using the email address solomonandy18@(deleted).com as their reply.  A Google search of the… Read More

Who is a First Time Buyer According to the IRS?

The Obama’s stimulus package has altered the the First Time Buyer Credit to be a true credit and not a loan that must be repaid.  The two images here show how the IRS defines who is and is… Read More

The EPA, What it means for Oil Tank Clean Decommissioning in Portland, Oregon

Just after 8 o’clock yesterday I received and email from a past client that started like this: “Well, this mornings article in the Oregonian was terrifying.” He knows there is an oil tank on his property that has… Read More

19.2 Months of Inventory. What it Means to You as Seller.

RMLS Market Action reported the highest level of inventory in recorded history this month.  Inventory is calculated by taking the current number of active listings and dividing it by the number of closed sales (14,006 listings/732 closed sales). … Read More

RMLS Market Action January 2009: Portland Inventory Soars

While the snow fell, inventory soared to a record 19.2 months.  The total number of active listings appears to be about the same as it was in January 2008 but the slow in sales (732 in 2009 compared… Read More