NW 23rd Uptown Condo Project Requires Redesign

According to tonight’s KGW news story, the city council meeting pitting the neighborhood against the developer resulted in a win for the neighborhood. The Uptown Shopping Center, recently home to Elephant’s Deli and current home to Ben & Jerry’s, Uptown Hardware and a host of others is slated to have the complex built behind it. The proposed plan had a 14 story condo tower and a 4.5 story townhouse complex on the current site.

The plan “Does not mesh with the neighborhood’s historic character.”

The city council ordered a redesign “that meets the approval of both sides.”

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  1. Update from Thursday’s Oregonian:

    City plans allow for a 75 foot building. With “exceptional design” a 150 foot building could be approved. The vote by the City Council was 3-1 against approval. Mayor Tom Potter was the only one voting for approval.

    The plan was previously approved by the Design Commission.

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