Portland Monthly Real Estate Guide

Portland monthly just published their new Real Estate Guide.
Their Top 20 Neighborhoods article from 2004 is also great. Download The Portland Top 20 (17mb!)
Overall Portland metro appreciation for 2004 was 11%! That’s the highest it has been in years.Portland real Estate

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  1. Hello,

    I have a question. I see that the Downtown area housing has dropped a good portion in terms of median home prices in the past year or so. What is the issue behind this and does anyone have an opinion in terms of if this is a good time to invest in these neighborhood?



  2. It’s a good question. RMLS only breaks down sales and appreciation by area which in this case, is area 148 that includes all of West Portland.

    My feeling (I can’t answer the question scientifically) is that there hasn’t been a lot of turnover and that may be skewing the numbers. The American Towers downtown feature mostly two bedroom units- they sell for over $300,000. The Eliot is almost sold out so people are buying!

    I think the Eliot and Benson Towers, the new Safeway and a desire to be downtown will help drive the area.

    Anybody with other thoughts?

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