The Strand at Riverplace

Yet another construction fence has popped up on the west side of the river.  This time at Riverplace.  The 218 unit development will include three 11-13 story glass towers with condos, townhouses and commercial space.

Residential spaces will be between 650-3000 square feet and will be priced between $250,000-$2,000,000.  Eighty percent will have views.

The Strand’s marketing materials haven’t been released yet but if you drop us a line, we’d be happy to work with you as buyer’s agents and will get information to you as it comes available (there should be something by the end of the week or at the beginning of next).

Reservations for units will begin on March 15th.  Planned completion: Spring 2007.

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  1. I like your web site, but you should update your Portland population information–it’s based on 1998 numbers. Portland’s population is now about 540,000 in the city limits and more than 2 million in the metro area.


    Mike Thelin

  2. I wonder how many units will smell the Stanfords grill smoke wafting through the towers as wind permits….

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