Insurance Discounts Can Add Up

Are you looking to lower your monthly bills? One nice place to start is with your home owner’s insurance. There are many discounts that available on home owner’s insurance that consumers are unaware that they qualify for. The following are standard discounts offered by most insurers:

  • Multi-policy discount for having home and auto with same company
  • Age of home discount
  • Security System discounts
  • Claim free discount

While discounts are one way to keep rates lower, there are other things to consider like deductibles and the location of the home. Many times it is possible to increase family protection, while lowering the rates that you are paying.

If you would like to discuss your current policy to see if your coverages are adequate and if you have maximized your discounts feel free to call me at 503.352.1202 or send an email to DennisNelson@Allstate.com.

Dennis Nelson – Allstate Insurance – Agency Owner

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