Viewing Homes

The Portland Market is hot so when it’s time to get in the car and actually view homes, it helps to be prepared.

1) Wear comfortable clothes. Shoes that are easy to remove will make life much easier.

2) Consider bringing your checkbook if you are going to write an offer. We can use a promissory note but there is less paperwork if you can write a check that we hold until your offer is accepted. Sellers view evidence of the actual check a little stronger than a note when comparing offers.

3) Bring your lender’s information. When we write an offer, we will contact the lender to write a prequalification letter for the exact amount of your offer. It is even better if we can talk to the lender ahead of time because they might have specific wording they want in your offer.

4) Bring your digital camera. We have one that we can use but it is usually easier for you to be able to download pictures directly to your computer rather than us emailing them.

5) Between us, we need to establish what we are going to look at. Most buyers find their home in the first five to six and then look at a couple of more just to make sure. If we don’t find the “right” house the first day out, we need to refine our search. Honest feedback of the listings that we send you before we meet will save time when we meet. Your initial reaction is usually correct.

6) Don’t be afraid to say “No.” If we pull up to a house and you don’t like the outside, there is no point in going inside. Viewing homes is time consuming. We generally allow 30 minutes for each listing. Nor do we have to look at every listing just because we can. If you’ve found your new home, we can stop there.

7) Be prepared to sign a Buyer Service Agreement. This makes us your Realtors and you our A+ client. If you have already signed one with another agent, we cannot show you houses!

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