Virtual Tours

The Internet and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has changed the way we look at homes. Buyers can often select or eliminate homes based on what they see on the Internet. Virtual tours takes Internet viewing one step further. As part of our marketing for any listing we take, we offer to do a virtual tour of the property. This one is of our listing on the Claremont Golf Course for $429,900. The tour helps buyers select homes and reduces unnecessary showings, a benefit for both the buyer and seller.

The virtual tour is a two dimensional open house. The seller needs to consider what is shown in the tour. Valuables should be put away prior to the tour being shot and the home needs to be in showing condition. The tour is not effective in homes with small rooms. The camera rotates from a center point in the room and it is not always possible to get an angle that showcases the room. Most virtual tours include up to eight shots and should be included as part of your agent’s marketing.

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