Before Looking at Homes

Home Sales Heat Up in Summer Months
Whether it’s because all those blossoming flowers make people reconsider the American Dream or the fact that moving on a warm afternoon beats hauling moving boxes in the rain, summer is the most popular time for home sales. So, if you’re thinking about becoming a buyer during the next few months, here are a few strategies to get ahead:

Before you start the Sunday drives…
Do your “home” work. Re-familiarize yourself with mortgage terms and the loan process. Then address your financial situation and speak to a loan officer to determine how much house and payment you can afford.

Before you walk through the door…
Before you begin house hunting, it helps to get pre-approved (vs. pre-qualified) for a loan. As you may recall from your last home purchase, pre-approval provides proof that you’re approved for a specific loan amount and is based on verification of income, credit and assets. A pre-approval says that you’re a serious home hunter and gives you an edge over the competition. For pre-approval you’ll need:

Two years of W-2 forms (profit-and-loss statements for the self-employed)
Recent pay stubs
Three months of bank statements
Two years of tax returns
Before you find your dream home…
Now that you know your price range, there’s a lot to consider. Ask yourself these questions to help narrow down your search.

Public Transportation:
Do you need to be near a bus route? Light-rail? Is there a Park-n-Ride close by? What will your commute be?

Neighborhood & Convenience:
Are there renters or owners on your street? How close are markets, coffee shops and dry cleaners? What school district is the house in?

Yard & Garage:
Do you need a dog run? What about a gate? How many cars can go in the garage? Do you like to garden or does mowing make you miserable?

Style & Size:
Do you like archways and hardwoods? Need large closets? Seeking to start a family or prefer a guest room for in-laws?

Privacy & Security:
Gated community or open neighborhood? Looking for a big lot or are closer quarters okay?

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