Oregon Legislators May See Bill Regarding Construciton Defects

Jeff Manning’s story on moisture intrusion and construction defects continued on Monday with another long article in the Oregonian. “Builders Battle Tide of Lawsuits” continues Sunday’s story, “Building defects spoil homeowner’s dreams.” These front page stories were followed up by a story in Tuesday’s metro section, “Home Defects May get Scrutiny.”

The looming questions is what is the root cause of the problem? Is it poor workmanship? Is it shoddy materials? Or is it building requirements that require the building to be so tightly sealed that any moisture that happens to find its way inside has no chance of ever drying out. The Oregon Construction Contractors Board aims to make it one of its goals during the following year to try to find out.

The online article doesn’t appear to include the 15 item list of “What to Look For” graphic so:

1) Staining at the heads of windows
2) Water collection within the windows

3) Swollen or sicolored window trim and baseboards
4) Water collection at and around foundations
5) Staining, mold or mildew at the walls and baseboards on exterior walls
6) White deposits in perking garages and concrete lid.
7) Cracks in deck coating and soft plywood or oriented strand board (OSB)
8) Staining in doffits and vents
9) Peeling, blistering paint
10) Swollen or stained wallboard above or around windows
11) Musty, yeasty smells
12) Stained siding or concrete foundation
13 Old or nonexistant caulking around windows
14) Subtle darkening behind stucco siding
15) Corroded nails and water staining at carpet tacks

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