Homeownership for All

HUD has produced a series of videos about homeownership. They are available (FREE) on HUD’s Website.

The topics are:

ABC’s of Homebuying (18 minutes)

Elevate Your Credit (13 minutes)

Where to Find the Homeownership Money You Need (10 minutes)

Ten Homeownership Facts That Will Save You Thousands (12 minutes)

Easy to Understand Mortgage Programs (14 minutes)

One Comment on “Homeownership for All

  1. That’s very nice, but I still have no hope of owning a home. My income is insufficient to qualify for a mortgage on the lowest-priced home in this market. My credit is in the tank due to student loans and related causes (e.g. I took credit card cash advances to make my student loan payments until maxing them out, and then was in a hole from which I could not recover on my pathetic income) and I can’t both pay the rent on time and elevate my credit on my income.

    So that brings up another question: if you cannot do both, isn’t it more important to pay the rent on time? And doesn’t that mean there is no hope for me, since I thus cannot elevate my credit?

    So HUD is full of nonsense if it speaks of Homeownership For All.

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