Moving Ideas for Kids

Relocating is a stressful undertaking and to the younger members of your family, it can be downright frightening. Communicate openly and realistically with all family members as early as possible. Here are some other helpful hints you can use.

• Tell children what is happening and include them in the process of selecting the new home, if possible. If children feel included in the decision-making process, and “take ownership” of their new home, the transition will be easier.
• Don’t try to get rid of children’s favorite items at this time even though it might make moving simpler.
• Don’t throw away personal stuff behind a child’s back.
• Negotiate what goes and what stays.
• Bring pictures from the new home and school, as well as special things about the area, according to their interests.
• Ask the new coach, scout leader, teacher, etc., to call your child.
• Don’t forget grandparents, cousins, and your extended family, close friends of adults and children.
• Share the excitement and responsibilities.

If every family member takes responsibility for an age-appropriate part of the move, yours can be an easy move.

About 50% of our clients are relocation clients, moving from outside of the Portland area. We have the tools to make your move as smooth as possible.

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