Water, Water Everywhere

Somehow this didn’t get posted when I wrote in October:

Before I started to type this, I suddenly had to put the last 24 hours of water damage into context. Compared to the Gulf Coast, my water problems are minor. Last night, we discovered that the finished basement in our house had leaked with the first major rain of the season last week. Five days of damp had taken its toll. Carpet pad is great when it is dry but becomes a massive sponge when wet. The only real way to get it dry is to cut it out and replace it. That’s what I did this afternoon.

This morning we were greeted by water on the kitchen floor (two floors above the basement). Actually it was coming from the kitchen ceiling. Seems like the washing machine got moved upstairs and the drain hose disconnected from machine and you can guess the rest of the story. Water travels by gravity.

Meanwhile, over at the Lovejoy remodel project, John’s Waterproofing has installed a WaterGuard waterproofing system around the entire perimeter of the basement. Any water that gets in is channeled around the basement and out the drain. We will be able to finish the basement without any risk of future water damage. Cost: $5600.

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  1. I’m curious if you were happy with your experience with John’s Waterproofing Company? I’m considering a bid from them to install a perimeter drain in our basement.

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