Who are our clients?

The end of the year is getting close and we are as busy as we have been all year, a repeat of this time last year. It is myth that the market slows at this time of year. Our clients are buying and selling. This time of year, there may be fewer people in the market they are more serious than the summer crowd. They are buying and selling real estate for a reason. You have to be motivated to look at a house at 4:30 in the afternoon on a cold rainy day in December!

Some interesting stats about our clients in the last year:

54% from Oregon
32% from California
5% from Washington
9% from all other locations

48 out of 57 either bought or sold their primary residence

The average transaction was higher than the area’s market average

Just under 50% met us on the Internet. The majority of business was from the people we know and trust and that refer us to their friends.

We appreciate your continued support.

Happy Holidays!

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