RMLS MLS Numbers

The Multiple Listing System numbers don’t tell you a lot about a listing but you can tell more now than you can at the end of the year. Each year, the first digit in the listing moves up one from the previous year. MLS numbers for 2006 start with a six. 2005 started with a five. Each new listing is assigned a number in starting at 6000000. The lower the number, the earlier in the year that it was listed.Portland Real Estate Blog

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  1. The highest MLS number I see listed is 5092885. RMLS hasn’t come out with the year end stats yet. When they do, I will add more to this post.


  2. According to the December 2005 Market Action report from RMLS, there were 48,520 new listings in 2005. There were 45,807 in 2004.

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