Portland’s Get Legal Program

NOTE: The City of Portland’s Get Legal Program was “suspended indefinitely” September 1, 2009.


When it comes time to sell your remodeled house, one of the first questions that will be asked is “was it done with permits?” The second question is going to be “was the permit finalized.” The savvy Realtor or buyer can find out the information themselves on PortlandMaps under the Permit/Cases link for any property in Portland.

The property disclosures ask the same questions.

The City gives homeowners the opportunity to permit their work after the fact. It’s not a free pass to remodel at will since you still have to meet all the code requirements and pay the fees. The city’s website:

Perhaps work was done by a previous owner, or maybe
you just didn’t know you needed a permit for a particular
type of work. Whatever your situation may be, the
bureau’s new Get Legal Program may be right for you.

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