Is our market cooling?

The phrase “Real Estate Bubble” returns 899,000 hits on Google, now 899,001. Nobody can predict what the real estate market is going to do. It all a matter of opinion though some of those opinions are a little better informed than others.

I had to leave voicemail for a client yesterday telling her that she had missed out on a condo that she was interested in. It was the second such call. Her return call started out, “we can’t !@# around.”

Another buyer missed out on two properties before getting an accepted when the first buyer failed to perform.

We sold the house we were living in in 28 days for over asking including one sale fail on the last day of the inspection period.

We are selling an investment property that was on the market for 36 hours. We are through the inspection period and everything looks good.

These aren’t signs of a cooling market.

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