Realtors on the move

As Realtors we help many families each year. Less often, we move ourselves. Last Thursday, two West Side Moving and Storage trucks showed up at the front door and everything we own was moved two blocks. Not exactly a long distance move but moving two blocks or 2000 miles is pretty much the same hassle. Fulton Crane moved the oversize items off the deck since they wouldn’t make the corner of the stair case.


The remodel project still has some work so we’re currently living at The Inn at Northrup Station while the final touches are put on the house. We’re making use of the special room rate that is set up for our clients! The room is great since it has a full kitchen so we can either eat out or stay in. We’ve had numerous past and present clients stay here. I’m typing this through their wireless access.

Since the hotel isn’t pet friendly, we’ve been taking the dog to day care at Noah’s Arf. We are talking with the owner about how to add their services to our relocation plan.

We’re also using a PODS storage container. Truck shows up, PODzilla unloads the container and is placed back on the truck. I’ll try to get pictures when it returns.

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