The Wyatt (?)

The Wyatt is one of the newest towers going up in the Pearl District. The site is next to the Bridgeport Brewery at NW Marshal and NW 12th. I can’t tell you much more than that. The only instructive signage on the site is a banner that references www.thewyatt.com. The site has a front page with “coming soon” and no other information.

The block is named the Cronin. Previously, rumors had the tower being called the Coplin. Now we have the Wyatt.

Perhaps someone can shed some light?

3 Comments on “The Wyatt (?)

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  2. The building is to be called The Wyatt. After former Oregon Congressman Wendell W. Wyatt who served from 1964-1975. For sales info call 503-223-2255, Pearl Real Estate.

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