Hybrid Real Estate

Web_lexus_1In January, I wrote that I thought the Lexus RX 400h might be the perfect real estate car. Yesterday, we traded in the old SUV for a second 400h. The old SUV averaged 15.4mpg on premium fuel. I’ve been getting an average of 25mpg in my 400h running on 87 octane gas which is recommended. With the amount of driving we do it seemed the smartest (and most responsible) thing we could do. Clients don’t want to tour houses in a cramped old car. They should expect to be transported in comfort as they decide on what is probably their largest financial decision.

Two Realtors with two hybrids trying to do their part. Hopefully we can help you find your next home.


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  3. Hybrid vehicles and real estate agents sound like a match made in heaven.

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