RMLS Area Map and West Portland Stats

May’s RMLS Market Action isn’t out yet so I thought I would start new catagory and occaisonly post stats for the different RMLS Areas. Portland is broken up into four areas. The complete RMLS_area_map (PDF) is downloadable. The areas for Portland are defined as:

141 North Portland NORTH: Columbia River, WEST: Willamette River, SOUTH: Willamette River, EAST: Williams Ave.

142 Northeast Portland NORTH: Columbia River, WEST: Williams Ave., SOUTH: East Burnside, EAST: 182nd Ave.

143 Southeast Portland NORTH: East Burnside, WEST: Willamette River, SOUTH: Multnomah County/
Clackamas County line, EAST: 182nd Ave.

148 West Portland : NORTHWillamette River, WEST: Cornelius Pass Rd. to Washington Co./ Multnomah
Co. line (including Raleigh Hills), SOUTH: Multnomah Co./Clackamas Co. Line, EAST:
Willamette River. (Excludes Lake Oswego addresses.)

Here is the market data for West Portland. Click on the image to enlarge:


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