Three Car Garage

Every buyer has their “Wants and Needs.” The “needs” are what the house has to have to be in the running. You may need three bedrooms. The “wants” are the perfect world but not deal breakers. You want a three car garage. Today we begin a new series of “Portland Real Estate Wants.” This will be an ongoing thread of the “wants” that make finding your home tough.

We’ll use the same criteria for each search:
Portland MLS Areas 141 (North Portland), 142 (Northeast Portland), 143 (Southeast Portland) and 148 (West Portland). Price: $200,000-$750,000. Three or more bedrooms, two or more bathrooms, and Active and Bumpable listings. We’re only going to look at single family residences. Today, there are 1261 matches.

Want a three car garage? You have a choice of 81 listings total! There are no North Portland listings, only five NE Portland listings and the rest are pretty evenly spread between SE and the west side.

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