Do I Need A Contractor’s License?

The Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) governs construction in the state of Oregon. The fines are steep. Notice that a lot of these requirements are about your intent.

Straight off thier site, the following DO NOT require a contractor’s license:

The following categories of construction work are exempt from licensing, according to ORS 701.010. If you
have any doubt about whether you meet any of these exemptions, write to the CCB for clarification.

1. Work on your own personal property as long as there is no intent to sell.

2. Work within the boundaries of a federal site or reservation.

3. Supply or delivery of materials with no installation.

4. Owners or residents who contract for work and do not intend to sell the structure.

5. Owner-builders who are not building the structure for resale.

6. Licensed engineers, architects, water well contractors, sewage system installers, property managers,
real estate managers/agents, and landscaping businesses, when operating within the scope of those licenses.

7. Employees of property owners and licensed contractors.

8. Mobile home manufacturers.

9. Moving of modular structures.

10. Commercial lending institutions.

11. Units of government other than schools that sell student-built residential structures.

12. Businesses that provide labor only, such as worker leasing companies or agencies supplying temporary

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