EcoBroker and Other Designations

Yesterday’s Portland Business Journal reports that RMLS is adding a green construction field to listings. Buyers will be able to search for homes that meet certain energy standards. Kria Larcher is credited with pushing RMLS to make the change. Great job.

The article says that she is a “Certified EcoBroker.” What’s that? It turns out that it is a designation offered by EcoBroker.com and is not recognized by the National Association of Realtors. There are some education requirements and an annual fee to be able use the designation. There are five local brokers that appear on the company’s website.

I think the idea of being a green Realtor is great. We drive hybrids, use recyclable paper stock whenever possible and do our part when we can. What I am not happy about is the proliferation of designations offered by companies that are not backed by the National Association of Realtors. Another such example is Real Estate Cyberspace Society.

I don’t think these designations add value the consumer because they add even more confusion about the alphabet soup that Realtors can put behind their names.

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  1. Interesting. I had read something on this a few weeks back. Im glad to see this being implemented and hope it promotes even more demand for green living.

  2. I agree that I think the concept is great. We need to be more green. I just don’t like the idea of there being no standard to say that you are certified in something.

    Today, I am the “Country’s Favorite Realtor.” I know it is true because I asked my wife, answered her question and paid a small fee.

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