EcoBroker Follow-Up

On September 23, I wrote that I thought that the EcoBroker designation was a bit of a sham. Not recognized by the National Association of Realtors, though supported by other “green” entities, I stated that the effort looked commercial.

A short while later I was contacted by the Vice President of Business development. We emailed back and forth and I shared my feelings that I thought the site looked commercial with the Wells Fargo and other banking institution’s logos all over the page. There is no separation of the “consumer” side or the “agent” side of the site. My comments were passed on to those take care of those sorts of things. The site still looks the same as the day we emailed.

I offered to take the course and write my review here. I was then invited to take the course- at full tuition. I can understand that they must get a lot of offers to do the same but converting skeptics should possibly be a part of their business strategy.

Admittedly, NAR hangs on to their endorsements with an iron fist and is very much a commercial enterprise itself. Until we see changes on the EcoBroker front, we will continue to be green in our own ways. I think EcoBroker has the right idea and may have a good for-profit business model but that it was either released too soon or needs to at least appear good for the greater good and not just the buck. Note that they are a .com, not a .org.

Full disclosure: We participate in the Quality Service Certification program through our company, Prudential Northwest Properties. We are certified company-wide. They are a third part program that mails surveys to our clients for anonymous feedback on our service. We pay for the program and advertise QSC on our website. I know QSC is working closely with NAR for their endorsement. Our rating today is 4.75 out of 5.

Maybe I’m wrong about EcoBroker (and other third party designations). Should EcoBroker get a “pass” because they are green? Perhaps a better question: does the consumer care that Realtors continue to gain education and designations to put behind their names? Discuss.

Charles Turner- MBA, e-PRO, GRI, Quality Service Qualified…

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