Turkey Day in Portland, OREGON

Here’s a little real estate “fun” for those searching for real estate in Portland, Oregon.

Enter “Portland Real Estate” into Google and you’ll find sites and ads for Portland, Oregon, Portland, Maine and Portland, Texas. Texas also has a New York, Venice and Florence. The PortlandRealEstateBlog ranks on the first page. The same is the case if the same search is run in Yahoo.

Enter “Portland Oregon Real Estate” and the results are not so fun. The blog doesn’t show up in the first few pages of the results. Our sponsored ad is still on the front page.

Search by either Charles Turner or Jennifer Turner, Portland and the blog is the first result but none of the phone listings returned as results are us.

So, we know what Portland we are in, what would $300,000 get us in the other Portlands?

In Maine, we get a lovely 5 bedroom 1.1 bath house for $310,000. Portland_mainej

Download portland_maine.pdf to see the complete flier.

In Texas, we get four bedrooms and three baths for $299,999. Portland_texas

Download portland_texas.pdf to see the Texas flier.

One Comment on “Turkey Day in Portland, OREGON

  1. I was skimming this posting and did a double-take when I recognized that listing in Portland Maine.

    When Jerry Seinfeld did a show here a few months ago he described our city as an idyllic place full of cardigan sweaters and Subaru Outbaks, perfect except for one thing… Portland Oregon. Now we are stuck saying Portland MAINE. “No, Maine.” “Not Oregon, Maine…”

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