Yesterday was a milestone of the Portland Real Estate Blog: it turned 50,000 page views. In the just over two years since we started this, we’ve put up 191 posts and had 170 comments, some of which we have written as replies.

At our bi-weekly sales meeting today, we talked about the current market condition and what different agents are personally seeing. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that we were really busy for this time of year and that was the consenus at today’s meeting as well. Buyers are returning to market and properties that have had long days on market are suddenly seeing activity to the extent that buyers that were on the fence missed out to another offer.

One agent said that she’s seeing more flexibility with downtown new construction condos. Developers will look at contingent offers. That’s new in this market. Others are throwing in upgrades. The one thing they remain firm on is price. The listed price is the price, what you can get thrown in on top is to your advantage. Prices in the Pearl District start at about $400 per square foot.

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