It’s 26 degrees outside. The color from the morning sunset is beginning to fade and the sky is crystal blue. If it wasn’t for the 26 degrees part, it could be a perfect Portland day. I’d take a day like this anytime over 59 degrees and raining.

The weather effects how we sell and show homes. Winter months can be rough. It isn’t a lot of fun looking at a house in the pouring rain, close to sunset, then loading back in the car to do it again. Having shoes that are easy to remove is important.

Sellers need to remember (and be reminded by their agents) that the first impression is important. I showed a vacant house during the week and the heat was turned off. Not the best idea when there is the threat of freezing pipes but also, “Damn, it’s cold in here” isn’t your target first impression. It was 46 degrees inside. The goal is to make the buyer want to linger, not get back outside and into the warmth of heated car seats. Keeping some lights turned on, especially the front door light and entry way, is a great idea.

Asking buyers to remove their shoes is a totally reasonable and expected request. It is also important to remember how they are going to see your house without shoes. Walking out on the back deck in socks when it is 26 degrees isn’t appealing. Door mats are important at all entry points, not just the front door. Buyers want to look at everything, not just the way you live in your house.

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