Fewer Realtors Everywhere

I’ve posted before about there being too many Realtors and too few barriers to entry. The National Association of Realtors approved their budget based on 1,230,000 members for 2007. That’s a 10% drop from the current level. It’s sure sign that those that got it into real estate thinking that it was easy money are feeling the crunch of a slower national market.Portland Real Estate Blog

3 Comments on “Fewer Realtors Everywhere

  1. I was getting my hair cut a week ago and asked the lady cutting my hair how many hours of training she did to get her license to cut hair. She needed 1500 hours. In Texas you need 180 classroom hours of education for your real estate license. Talk about lack of barriers to entry!

  2. Genuine, longer term professionals suffer when euphoria takes over a field. I saw this happen in the telecom field in 2001-2003. The amateurs absolutely destroyed the industry and it’s still not back on its feet.

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