Exclusive Buyer Service Agreement

I just got off the phone with a potential client today that probably won’t become a client. The issue is that she was honest and up front about working with another Realtor (thank you) and we work exclusively under contract with our buyers using the Exclusive Buyer Service Agreement. This form is supplied by the same source as the Earnest Money Agreement and Listing Contract not some form I cooked up last night at happy hour. The form references the Disclosed Limited Agency for Buyers so that is included here as well.

The phone rings and it is a client Realtor A knows little about and wants to see properties all day. They’ve been out once before so they have an informal relationship. He thinks they might buy but isn’t sure when so gladly makes the appointment and if he gets lucky, the buyer might use him, not the friend of a friend who is a Realtor. That Realtor is pretty much gone for the day chasing their next paycheck and not working for you. That person never gets in my car. It’s a bad use of my time and therefore a bad use of time for our serious clients.

Not everybody we meet wants to work with us and we don’t want to work with everyone we meet. We don’t ask for the contract when we first meet but before we meet a second time.

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