Landscaping for Curb Appeal

Spring is here and the flowers are starting to come out. Lawns need mowing and weeds controlling. The landscaping can be the clincher or killer for your home’s curb appeal. We generally expect yards to look rough in the winter months but sympathy goes away once the shorts come out.

Bark dust not only looks and smells good, it helps keeps the weeds down. Unfortuantely it isn’t a long term fix. If you put it down last year, you need to do it again this year. Mowing is relatively easy but I still haven’t mastered edging. If your grass is anything like ours a little weed and feed may go a long way to thicken it up. If you need to seed, try to match the seed you already have or you’re going to get a patchwork effect.

It’s especially tough for the seller of a vacant home. It’s hard enough to get out into the yard of your home never lone packing the needed tools over to a house on the market. But it is worth the effort. People notice.

One Comment on “Landscaping for Curb Appeal

  1. As a potential buyer, I will agree with you here. Even a less-landscaped tidy yard is more appealing than an overgrown yard.

    I’ve heard that thinning out the landscaping might be in order at time of placing a property on the market. Just as you would thin the clutter inside your house, a sparse but attractive yard might attract those “more interested in house than yard work” buyers as well as the “nice yard with so much potential!” buyers.

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