Air Conditioning in Portland

When I left a home inspection today, the car thermometer said 104. By the time I got home it had dropped to a more pleasant 99. There aren’t a lot of days where AC in Portland is needed but today is one that it would be nice to have.

Using our trusty SE Portland RMLS area 143 we find the following for houses sold in the last 90 days (I only used central air as a criteria, no heat pumps or window units:

0-$300,000: 724 total sales, 112 with AC; 15%
$301,000-$500,000: 316 total sales, 75 with AC; 24%
$501,000-$700,000: 41 total sales, 9 with AC; 21% (surprised at the drop)
Over $700,000: 14 total sales, 7 with AC; 50%

3 Comments on “Air Conditioning in Portland

  1. Don’t put too much into that drop from 24% to 21%. With a data pool of 41 sales, a one unit change would bring it to 24%. As such, the difference between the 0-300K and 301-500K categories is likely statistically insignificant. I’d be interested to see the same analysis for the year to date.

  2. A heat pump is a heating system that delivers either warm and/or cool air. The listing should say if it is a cooling unit.

  3. RMLS listings show a a selection of cooling options: AC ready, central air, window AC, heat pump, none, other, etc., I just chose to use central air in my search.

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