Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live: Sherwood, L.O.

Sherwood is the best place in Oregon to live (#18 and gets mention on this morning’s NBC Today Show. Lake Oswego is the 32nd best place to live in the country according to Money Magazine for cities with populations between 7,500 to 50,000. They also have a list of other Oregon cities that they looked at for the ratings but did not rank; the list is alphabetical. Cities were either ranked in the top 100 or they were lumped togther in the rest of the list.

There is some great demographic information, including Portland, on the site.

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  1. Sherwood? Is there any ‘there’ there? It seems that if you live in Sherwood you’ve got a fairly long commute to work – unless you work at the various retail outlets that have sprung up out there in recent years. You’ll pretty much be car-dependent in Sherwood.

    And sure LO is nice IF you can afford it.

  2. Sales down 15% in June YoY. Inventory up, prices down:

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