Why there is a Portland Real Estate Blog?

In the last few weeks I’ve been the punching bag more than once on this site. I’ve had my ethics questioned, had my words twisted around and then been called out on other websites. All by people that get to hide behind the anonymous veil of the Internet. I’m thinking to myself that I didn’t sign up for this. But I did and in retrospect, even the negative, is probably doing good. It has clearly weeded out some people that will not seek my services and I am sure I will be happier because of it. I am one Realtor out of 1.3M so painting me as the industry is what it is. I have never been so righteous as to say my opinion is right and I have modified my opinion when it has been constructively shown that I’m wrong.

Anybody that tells you that there isn’t a marketing component to a Realtor’s real estate blog is full of it. Of course there is and to say there wasn’t would be a lie and to believe otherwise would be (this space left blank to those that might be offended). If I was an auto mechanic, I wouldn’t host this blog. That being said marketing is not the sole point of this blog. I don’t advertize my listings here, I have a website for that but I have added some links and tools here to direct you there if that is what you are looking for.
The other component is education; mine and yours. Whether it is last week’s biodiesel post where Ralph enlightened us on B20 as heating fuel or me writing what we have learned through a transaction we all end up better. Our personal experience is what allows me to write this. If it wasn’t you might as well subscribe to a real estate news feed.

I practice what I preach. Dual agency (one agent representing both buyer and seller) in existing construction should not be legal (I don’t have that issue with new construction). This view is not popular with the industry. Last month we gave up the buyer’s side of the transaction on one of our listings so that the buyer was represented by another Realtor. Yes, we did get a referral fee but I could have written the offer standing there at the kitchen counter and taken all the commission.

We own real estate and are actively participating in the market. We have a pending transaction that will close as soon as title is cleared by the signatures of 13 people (one in New Zealand) and five death certificates. If you own real estate and need a reason to get a will, this is it. The house will be a “flip” (gasp) and I have no intention of losing money but where there is risk, there is the potential for reward. It is a fully CCB licensed and city permitted project. I’ve said before that real estate investment based on appreciation is speculation. It’s just one fundamental. If the others aren’t there it is still a bad investment.
We have three local rental properties; two of those purchased with 1031 Exchange funds. We lived in an owner occupied triplex. I looked into using a self directed IRA and decided against it. Hands on past experience isn’t something you get by being the agent in the middle. I have not lived in an HOA setting though I sat through about a dozen meetings at the Riverpark Condominiums after their litigation was complete .

So, that’s my story. We’ll return to our regular postings soon.

7 Comments on “Why there is a Portland Real Estate Blog?

  1. Charles: Kudos for being a good sport. It’s rare for a RE agent blog to even allow comments.

  2. There are many people that have gotten squeezed out of the American Dream(tm) by the run up of housing prices and they are looking for someone to blame. When/If a big correction does take place, there will be even more people looking for someone to blame. It takes strong character to not take it personally.

    You put quite a bit of yourself personally into the blog which is why it is more interesting than the other blogs about real estate of the area. Since you are trying to balance marketing with providing honest personal opinions it can be conflicting at times. To me, the most important thing to do is keep people talking.

  3. Charles,

    Your blog is one of the few Portland blogs that I actually have saved on my RSS reader. For obvious reasons to you and I (and Ralph)…

    Keep up the good work.

  4. I think your blog is great and you deserve to hear it more often. You are one of the good guys in the real estate industry.

  5. Charles…I have been reading this blog for some time now and quite enjoy it. I like your point of view as a professional agent and an investor. Thanks…

  6. Missed this before. Regardless of whether I agree or disagree with you, I’m glad you have this and glad you let people comment. Kudos!

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