Where is Grandfather Now? Portland Party Sewers

One of the favorite phrases in real estate is that it is grandfathered in. Party sewer lines are have been included in that theory in Portland for years but no more. The City is going on a seek and destroy mission according to the Portland Tribune.

Aching to address the need of widespread sewer malfunction and growing unease between neighbors over the problem, officials at Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services will call for wholesale replacement of party-line sewers citywide, at cost to hundreds of homeowners, in a request to the City Council in about six months.

The seller’s neighbor in the story wants $25,000 to grant an easement through their yard to the main sewer line!!! There is no program in place to assist with the conversion to separated sewers but there is discussion about creating such a program.

We have been recommending sewer scopes to all of our clients in the last few years and have seen three instances where there were party sewers and the City required separation to make the required repairs to the lines.

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