You are your Neighbors

This month’s Spirit magazine from Southwest Airlines has an interesting article about a company named Claritas. They do market research. They’ve broken us up into demographic groups and then applied them to zip codes. Enter your zip code. Do you fit the profile?

One segment is the Young Influentials. Their “Hangout” according to the article: Beaverton.

2 Comments on “You are your Neighbors

  1. Hmmm… I notice that the “young influentials” are renters. Smart.

    Interesting that Beaverton is much more ethnically diverse than the trendy PDX neighborhoods which are very white.

  2. My wife and I loosely fall into the following categories: Young Digerati, Money & Brains, Bohemian Mix.

    Young influentials hang out in Beaverton eh? Interesting, I didn’t realize I lived next to such a hip mecca 😉

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