Portland, Where?

We all know there is Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine. But how about this list from www.wikipedia.com? Infrequently, we get website registrations for people looking in Maine and once in Texas but there are a lot of Portlands in the US! What happened to Portland, Colorado?

Portland, Arkansas, a city of 552

Portland, Colorado, a defunct city

Portland, Connecticut, a city of 8,732

Portland, Illinois, a city (now known as Blue Island) of 23,463

Portland, Indiana, a city of 6,437

Portland, Louisville, Kentucky, a neighborhood and former town in Louisville, Kentucky

Portland, Maine, a city of 64,249

Portland, Michigan, a city of 3,789

Portland, New York, a city of 5,502

Portland, North Dakota, a city of 604

Portland, Ohio, a city

Portland, Oregon, a city of 562,690 (2006)

Portland, Pennsylvania, a city of 579

Portland, Tennessee, a city of 8,458

Portland, Texas, a city of about 15,000

Portland, Dodge County, Wisconsin, a city of 1,106

Portland, Monroe County, Wisconsin, a city of 686

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