Listed but For Sale? ‘Tis the Season

J0104756_2It’s a seller’s market and inventory is so nonexistent that if it has a sign in the yard it will sell. Wishful thinking but sellers are competing for buyers so if you’re going to be listed, you might as well use what you’ve got. Buyers that are looking in the winter months are probably willing and able. It’s almost pitch black outside before 5PM and not exactly tropical outside. Let’s assume identical houses:

1) Buyers pull up and there are no lights on and therefore no curb appeal. They’ve also driven around the block since they couldn’t read the address on the house. They shuffle through mountains of fallen leaves trying not to break their necks up the dark pathway. The agent struggles to get the key out of the lockbox down the side of the house in the wet and has mud caked in their shoes and up their pant leg. Opening the door by brail, the heat is off and they trip over the sign saying “please remove your shoes” but there are no booties. After finding the light switches, they stand in the kitchen on the cold tile floor in stocking feet watching their breath. It is actually colder inside than out.

2) Buyers pull up to a well lit exterior. It is clear that there has been some recent yard work; though not perfect it is appropriate for the season. The lockbox is easily assessable and the agent opens the front door. There is a sign saying “please remove your shoes or wear the booties.” There are a couple of lights on (on timers) and the heat is somewhere between 57-63 degrees. They stand in the kitchen looking at the new stainless steel appliances and beautiful slab granite counters.

Which showing went better? Seller 1 just lowered their price $10,000. Seller 2 spent an hour with a rake a few days ago and $120 in monthly utilities. Seller 2 just accepted an offer.

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  1. Yup, marketing 101. Lowering the price is always the easiest option, but it often doesn’t take much work to figure out how to better market your properly, widget, whatever.

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