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Online today, and running tomorrow’s print version of the New York Times, yours truly is quoted in the paper on Portland. “A Small-Town Feel in an Urban Locale” (you may have to log in).

It probably isn’t the quote I would have chosen from our 25 minute plus conversation for my national spotlight but it does often ring true in physical dollars and psyche (also note the typo):

“In Portland, people are either Eastside people or Westside people,” said Charles Turner, a broker with of Prudential Northwest Properties, referring to the geographical wall formed by the Willamette River. “If you want to be on the Westside, your price range will start a little higher and you’re going the (sic)have trees and bigger lots.”

The story timing is funny just by virtue of Willamette Week’s recent PDX Inked story.

[October 24th, 2007]

Fellow citizens, it has come to this: Portland needs a restraining order against the national media. We are being stalked. The New York Times is giving us that look again. It makes us feel…funny.

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  1. You did hear about the correction issued by the Times on the story about the restaurants here? Seems the writer of the article was a close friend of the Paley’s who threw a lavish party for him when he visited. That might explain the way he raved about Paley’s Place.

    And don’t forget to mention how the Portland Visitor’s Association PAID reporters to come here and write favorable stories, wining and dining them.

    Portland’s great but the media manipulation is disappointing. It’s as disingenuous as Portland is original. Or used to be.

  2. Naysayer is correct. All the issues he brings up are discussed in the PDX Inked article I referenced above.

  3. Actually, people are either NE, SE, SW, or NW people… And then there are city people (downtown) and ‘burbs folks (Beaverton). And Condo people vs. SFH people. Cat vs. Dog people. Etc.

  4. And back to reality…

    The anon source at portland housing blog has MLS Oct. sales declining 35%. They also state that sales were *lower* than in Aug.

    Apparently mortgage insurers are tanking. If PMI or Ambac go under…say hello to 30% DPs.

  5. SE_renter: the question is how much lower were October sales vs. September?

    I’ll go out on a limb here and predict that Novembers sales will be lower than the October sales – but that’s a very historically solid limb 😉

    Oh, looks like Citi is going to announce another 8 to 11 $billion in writedowns (this after they said they’d have $2.2 Billion in losses just a couple weeks back. Huge pressure now on the mortgage insurers – could be a bankruptcy looming in that group soon. Credit markets again looking quite grim. What’s all this mean? It’s gonna be tough soon to get a loan if you don’t have that 20% down.

  6. TiP, Assuming the anon post is correct we are now 35% below Oct 2006. Thats a bigger haircut than in Sept. This is going to be an interesting winter. We will almost certainly hit a year of inventory.

    The 11 billion is just the beginning. They have close to 300 billion off the books in level 3 and SIVs. C is probably in technical default now.

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