Portland Community Land Trust

Portland Community Land Trust helps moderate-income families become homeowners, is working on a branding and messaging campaign to educate home buyers and increase overall awareness of its activities. An article in this week’s Portland Business Journal says that they have gone to the city to help raise its profile. Participants in the program can earn up to 80% of the median family income for Portland ($63,800).

The Trust is running a survey. I couldn’t get the link in the Biz Journal story to work but this one does. This is a quote from the survey so note that they do place a restriction on the resale of the home:

PCLT makes homeownership affordable for moderate-income, first-time home buyers by bringing an investment to every transaction, buying down the purchase price of a home. A resale agreement between PCLT and the homeowner ensures that, upon resale, the home will remain affordable for the next moderate-income, first-time home buyer, while providing the seller with a return on his investment.

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