Safety: Keys and Garage Door Openers

Whenever we sell a home, we recommend to the buyer that they rekey the locks. Who knows what renter, contractor or ex has a key at $1.50 each? It is equally important to reset the garage door openers. Now that cars can be programed with the garage code, just because the physical openers have been turned over doesn’t mean that access to the garage and its attached spaces are secure if the codes are still floating out there in someone’s car.Portland Real Estate Blog

2 Comments on “Safety: Keys and Garage Door Openers

  1. Putting a lock on the door between the house and the garage isn’t a bad idea either. Remote controls on garage doors have gotten better over the years but it is still possible to find the code.

  2. Charles – simple idea that is often overlooked. I know some buyers get upset when they only get one key and have to go get more made. I can’t stress enough to change the lock always. Who cares how many you get. Change it!

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