Show Me the House

My client on Sunday wanted to see six houses. I sat down to make my appointments on Saturday. These were the showing instructions in no particular order:

1) Vacant. All hours all days.
2) Appointment only. Call listing agent. Owner occupied.
3) Vacant. All hours all days.
4) Call owner first. I talked to the seller. The other option is to leave a message, “This is Charles Turner with Prudential Northwest Properties. I’d like to show you home between 4PM and 4:30 on Sunday. If this is going to be inconvenient, please call me back…” The showing is assumed unless there is a return call.
5) “SHOWINGS TUESDAY ONLY AFTER 6:00PM.” Appointment only. 24 Hours Notice. Call listing agent. Third party approval short sale. Tenant occupied.
6) Vacant. All hours all days.

We often see “subject to interior inspection” in multifamily and tenant occupied properties. Its not unreasonable but a buyer often has a hard time going through the emotional process of writing an offer on something they’ve never seen. I also wrote this over the summer about owner, tenant, and vacant listings. I can’t speak to the specific situation of #5 but we didn’t see it and as a listing agent I would have to question whether I would want to spend money, time and effort marketing it. There are no interior pictures in the listing.

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