Social Networking and Real Estate

MySpace went completely past me. I think I registered and never went back. Joel Burslem of The Future of Real Estate Marketing got me turned on to Facebook a little while back. I’ve been poking around more and more recently, adding friends and discovering new avenues of advertizing properties.

Typepad, this blog’s provider, and Facebook have a feature now that will submit the posts I write here to my Facebook account at the same time. This post will be a test of that feature.

Facebook has the Neighborhood application. Sign up and select the neighborhood that you live in. Point2NLS runs the back end and they have created the neighborhoods. It’s a little confusing as you can only live in one place and in my instance could live in Northwest, the Alphabet District or Nob Hill. When an agent submits a listing it only publishes in the specified neighborhood.

I’ve just joined CribFinder so can’t comment on that application yet.

The poll to the right has been running a few days now with not many submissions.

***Editor note: had to delete first post and try again. Let’s see if this goes to Facebook!

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  1. Hello, another Facebook service is LivePads. Realtors can list their properties on their Facebook profile with the option to send to other users for additional postings and additional viewing opportunities. Also, everytime you add a new listing, it shows up in the Facebook news service, so all your friends automatically know you added a new house.

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