Why We Live in Portland


This is the first of our planned Portland Tours. We went for a walk yesterday morning, covering nearly six and a half miles door to door. I took 110 photographs as we left Northwest, crossed the Broadway Bridge, walked around the Esplanade back to Northwest through Old Town and the Pearl District. This tour encompasses that walk with the exception of the Pearl District which will become its own tour at a later date.

The gentleman above is one of the only people pictures in the 25 shot tour. He was jamming on the buckets on the waterfront. After a brief exchange, I took some pictures, add generously to his tip jar and continued on.

I’m going to start building tours that highlight areas, neighborhoods, local artists etc. It would be great to have some of those shots submitted. I’m more than happy to give credit and contact information for anything professional.

3 Comments on “Why We Live in Portland

  1. That was a great walk. My calves are still feeling it! It was great to walk with Ryan. I still can hear the sound of his sputtering every time you got out of sight!

  2. The guy on the buckets: Maybe he’s trying to raise a bit of extra money for food now that his ARM has reset?

  3. Charles,
    This is a great idea. A photo/info tour highlighting areas should be a big hit. Always nice for people to be able to feel more connected to town.
    Looking forward to your tours,

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