RMLS Upgrades

Sitting in Chicago O’Hare right now waiting for our flight back to Portland. In the next day or two I’ll put my thoughts on the latest round of comments and our impression of English real estate up on the blog.

RMLS will go offline tonight for 24 hours for upgrades. RMLS.com and the agent-side RMLSweb.com will not work during that time. I can’t speak for other brokerage’s websites but I checked with our MIS department and our website, TurnerRealtors.com will continue to work using saved data from the last upload from RMLS through out the outage.

In order to make the enhancement process more efficient in the future, we will be upgrading our servers and re-writing code to work within the .NET Framework. The first phase of this process is scheduled to take place this week with maintenance beginning tonight, Friday, December 28th at 5PM and ending no later than 5PM on Saturday, December 29th. During this time RMLSweb.com, rmls.com, IMS and third party software will be unavailable for no more than 24 hours.

Toward the end of this outage, prospecting matches and auto e-mails to clients will be sent; however, you and your clients will not be able to access these listings until after 5PM on Saturday, December 29th.

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