Winterizing? Staging?

I showed a $700,000+ vacant house today that had been winterized. That means the gas is shut off and the pipes drained so that nothing freezes. There was a stack of old newspapers on the doorstep and the exterior staircase was slick with leaves. There is not a lot of desire to linger and check things out when it is colder inside than out.

I showed another that was a little less expensive, was staged professionally and the heat was on in the 60s (though it did sound like the furnace was about to die). We spent more time looking at a smaller house.

There are so many stages of showing a vacant home. These examples seem to be at either extreme. We’ve never personally hired a stager (it is usually a seller paid expense) so I am not sure of the costs. Maybe we have a reader that can help?

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  1. Was talking to a stager this weekend. She mentioned that business was way off, which was actually kind of surprising to me given the number of houses on the market – I had thought that stagers might actually be doing OK at this point. She said that less Realtors/sellers were willing to spring for the extra expense of staging now as compared to a year ago.

  2. I know you thought the median price would be up for 2007. But unless something radical happens soon, or unless you contrive some data or other strange situation, you will have to admit to a lower median price for the Portland maket.

    Only about three weeks until we know for sure…

  3. I work for On Stage, LLC, a staging company in its third year of business. We stage ALOT of homes – 50 to 60 new houses per month during our busy months. On Stage owns all of its inventory; over $2 million in furniture, accessories, artwork, etc; which is stored in our 13,000 square foot warehouse. Our designers are able to order direct from furniture manufacturers, giving us better pricing. The furniture ranges from traditional to transitional to ultra-contemporary. As far as pricing, MOST of the properties we stage tend to be between $900 and $1100 for the first month (which includes installation) and then generally $150 to $200 per week thereafter. Pricing is based on the pieces the designer selects to use in your property, so your property may cost more or less to stage than the average. Contemproary style furniture costs more for us to buy and therefore costs more to rent. Once our designer has viewed your property we can usually stage it within the week. We also offer payment out of closing, except for Model Units. We do offer a Model Unit discount. Our consultations are free, so it costs you nothing to get an estimate for your property. You can call 503.473.8838 to schedule an appointment or with any questions between 10AM and 4PM Mnday through Friday. Our Website is http://www.onstage-online.com.

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