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Somebody found it necessary to vote 190 times in one catagory. Poll has been reset.Portland Real Estate Blog

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  1. Buying International Real Estate
    Andrew C. Weitnauer

    Have you ever thought about buying a second home in a foreign country? Most of us have spent a few minutes online drooling over some of these properties. However, most of us quickly let the dream fade away when we realize how complicated and risky this venture can be.

    The hardest part about buying property abroad is that every country, state, and city has different rules and conventions. So to be smart about it we usually start by researching foreign ownership restrictions, tax ramifications, currency issues, etc. This can be very time consuming, costly, and may even lead to out dated and incorrect answers. Along with this, doubt usually sets in; what if the property is over priced and I’m the only idiot in the world who doesn’t know it?

    The best way to purchase real estate in foreign places is to contact a trustworthy, local, real estate professional. A local real estate agent will be familiar with the market value of properties in the area you are searching, and they understand the local laws. Your next question is probably; how do I find a trustworthy local real estate agent?

    There is a website called UniFersal.com,
    http://www.unifersal.com/index.php . You can find properties, look at property pictures, and even chat, call, or message a pre-screened, local real estate professional who speaks your language and specializes in the particular city you are searching in.

    UniFersal.com does a background check on all of the real estate professionals that would love to help you buy real estate in their city. They confirm the professional’s real estate expertise in that city, and even ask for references.
    If you are serious about buying a property in a foreign country, don’t try to do it alone. Use the internet to drool over properties, then get serious and contact a local professional.

  2. Given the value of the dollar, Nature, do you really think there is a market for US buyers to go overseas to purchase a second home? Or is this advertisement for folks overseas looking to buy a second home in the US. Heck, foreign companies are buying up US companies right and left. Why not buy up our over-inflated housing inventory?!?! Oh, that falling dollar…where oh where will it take us?

  3. I think someone is messing w/ your poll, again:O( I like polls cuz it gives you a quick snapshot of opinions but I take em w/ a grain of salt since some one always thinks its funny to skew the results.

  4. Ugh. I can pay a premium charge to see and block IP address from polls but it shouldn’t be necessary. Seems hard to believe that people have enough time to mess with it.

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